My art practice is primarily research + writing first, then physical creation. Essays are an important part of that process, and here is a list of them.

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Actuality, 2015

2015, 3-track EP when i was 16 i had a plan for a two-album set about a mental health patient and her delusions. i never finished and looking back the idea seems bad. i didnt know it at the time but these were written in an extended psychotic state.

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Auckland Pride, 2015

Auckland Pride, 2015, performance. The artist and her partner marched in the 2015 Auckland Pride parade in black, in silence, holding candles left over from the vigil of a local trans woman who committed suicide. Audience response was silence at best, verbal abuse at worst. Read more about this work here and in the February…

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Para-:, 2014

Para-:, 2014, found wood and copper, 2400x1100x600mm; paper; performance. A bar created by hand from wood found under artspace and copper sheet bought online. During the opening the artist played the role of a Victorian barmaid behind the bar, in a zone of conditional power and safety, within the larger zone of conditional power of…

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Well, Fuck EP, 2013

2013, two-track EP Recorded in a couple of hours on the night of the 29th, morning of the 30th of December 2013. Not meant as an end-of-year thing, but it worked out that way. Odd and distant, making you strain to hear the vocals. Recommended listening with headphones.

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Edminston, 2013

2013, one track EP. A forty minute track in acts. Recorded after a long day and an even longer bus ride home (or so it felt) in one sitting. No preconceptions, no intent other than to create something in one sitting, something you could play without having to pay attention to, but something that you…

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