The #NoPride Facts So Far

This post will be updated as more facts and proof come in

  • Both actions (the float in mourning for the loss of Charlotte Loh, displaying a banner on the side of the road) were acts of peaceful protest. No protesters had planned or seeked to initiate contact or any kind of altercation
  • As evidenced by narrowing to navigate traffic islands, police and corrections could easily have marched right past the protest on the road.
  • Security and police were the first to initiate contact and violence.
  • Heather Carnegie of GABA is guilty of assaulting protesters and destruction of property; there is photographic evidence of her pushing a protester off the road, and much of the first-hand evidence filmed on a protester’s phone is irretrievable due to the device being thrown across the road by Carnegie. Carnegie is visible at the beginning of this footage throwing the phone. She is occasionally audible in the footage yelling “no, shame on you” back at protesters yelling “shame” at police and security.
Carnegie (in silver) physically pushing a protester off the road.
Carnegie (in silver) physically pushing a protester off the road.
Verified photo of Carnegie via Gay Express earlier in the day: evidence of dress + appearance
Verified photo of Carnegie via Gay Express earlier in the day: evidence of dress + appearance
  • Pride security are not legally allowed to touch anyone. Law.
  • Of the 3 protesters, the two Pākehā ones were largely ignored for the whakawahine.
  • Police took no action upon seeing security breaking the law in assaulting people and destruction of property. Thus far, no further action seems to have happened.
  • Police prevented a woman evidenced as screaming in pain from accessing medical attention.
  • Medics were on the scene 11 minutes after the initial contact, police did not allow them to deliver care until more than half an hour afterwards.
  • Emmy’s humerus is badly fractured, and surgery was being considered on the night of the incident. As of 11am Monday morning (more than 38 hours after the incident) she remains hospitalized. As of 11.51am, the hospital wants her discharged but she is still in too much pain to move.
  • There are at least 3 people captured on film as breaking the law, none of them protesters, all of them Pride or affiliated groups’ members.

UPDATES as of 11.45pm, 25/02

  • In the footage, both Carnegie and a cop are seen speaking to Emmy. Neither are comforting her: the cop is taking her details and Carnegie is telling her she should be ashamed.
  • Emmy was admitted to hospital with a badly fractured humerus, not an actual technical break. Surgery was considered, hence references to it in blogs and social media. In the end it was not required.
  • Emmy got discharged this morning, after being hospitalised for 4 days.
  • Initial and subsequent pain relief was slow and inefficient due to logistical holdups. Claims that Emmy is a drug addict are entirely unfounded: she was taken off IV pain relief because she was due to be discharged, but was not actually released until two days later.

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